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What SEO can do for you

With good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) working for you, it can allow your business to be found above your competitors anywhere and everywhere with “organic” or unpaid searches. Using SEO to consistently drive the right customers to your website is a strategy that employs a range of methods. SEO is a strategy that leads to your website displaying on the first page of google search results organically. With regular input and maintenance you can maintain your websites online position. Accordingly, our team provides SEO strategies that ensure your online market position is maintained.

Your website ranking is influenced by the number and also the quality of interactions on your website, your Google Business listing, social media and all other online listings. In essence your entire digital presence all adds up and works together to determine where you appear on a Google search. An effective SEO plan from Mint will include all the necessary building blocks for your business. We provide our clients with expert SEO services from advice and assistance to full SEO management.


Online search engines like Google look at the structure and content of your website pages to decide if a page on your website is relevant for a particular user when conducting an online search. Using quality, unique company images placed and structured correctly is also critical for SEO success. Mint applies Google’s best practises to all the necessary factors leading to SEO success.

Social Media

The power of social media is huge and it’s vital that having an engaging Facebook strategy is included in your overall digital marketing strategy. Social media can also increase your customer base dramatically. Word of mouth is now powered and accentuated by social media marketing.


Quality website copywriting based on keyword research is certainly critical to your SEO strategy. Great content is an effective way to rank in a Google search for relevant keywords. Your content also delivers a positive experience to your customers as well as giving potential customers all the information to make a purchase decision.

Keyword Research

Understanding your audience and how they search online for products and services is vital for choosing keywords that will significantly drive targeted traffic to your website effectively. For SEO success, investing in researching and applying highly relevant keywords to your website content is essential.

Google Business Listing

A Google Business listing is also essential for every business. Google Business Listing results are delivered at the top of a search page. A user can easily click on your phone number or location on the map as well as go directly to your website. A Google Business Listing is usually visible to customers in your local area searching for your products and services. Setting up your listing correctly is an essential part of increasing online sales and enquiries.


Is your website keyword rich and SEO optimised? Is your digital presence up to date and optimised for an online search?

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