New Mint Website

Hello and thanks for checking out the very first blog post on our new Mint website!

Two years ago we rebranded to become Mint Digital Marketing. Back then we built our website with great design with SEO at the top of our minds. Having a brand new name meant starting all over again on Google. We quickly ranked on the first page for many of our main keywords and search terms, we couldn’t believe it we thought it would take years to penetrate the listings of other local digital agencies that had been there for years. We were pleased with our SEO efforts.

That was great then, moving forward we quickly realised that our Mint site didn’t say much about the people that work here. And lets face it in Tauranga its all about the people you work with. We spent 7 months planning and building our new website. Since our conception our Mint personality, philosophy and vision has grown into who we are today, this has enabled us to clearly define our brand online.

Our new website has definitely been built with hours of SEO planning to improve our ranking on a Google search and appear to our ideal clients. But more than that we have injected our personality and branding throughout our website to show prospective clients why they want to work with us.

We hope you enjoy the easy navigation and modern design while visiting our website, we have put many hours of thought and planning into making your visit an enjoyable and informative experience!

From the team at Mint!